Kit was so wonderful to work with! 

I had two carriers I already owned that I was hoping to continue to use. Kit showed me how to, which meant I saved so much money by not needing to invest in a new carrier! 

Since that consultation I have been wearing my baby every single day with so much confidence and comfort! Her own library of carriers was so useful so I could try on a ton of different styles and know for sure that one of the ones I owned really was the best fit and style for me. Before the appointment she made sure to ask me what my goals were so she could help me meet them. When I arrived she clearly was prepared and ready to work with me.

When my baby was fussy and didn't want to be put in a carrier, Kit even had weighted dolls I could use instead. All around, it was a fun and helpful consultation and worth every penny!


Before our session with Kit, I felt very intimidated by all the options out there and the skill itself. I never imagined I would ever venture outside of a standard buckle carrier… But after working with Kit I feel so confident, I started using all different types of wraps and honestly I’m hungry to learn more! Already booking another session with her as I purchase some new wraps this week.

Kit has a way of making you feel inspired and confident to wear. She’s passionate about it and it’s contagious. Don’t be surprised if you to become a babywearing fanatic like us after your session. She really takes all the fear out of the process and gives it a big jolt of joy!! I highly recommend booking a session with Kit or gifting one to new parents!


I learned so much during my virtual consult with Kit! I had no idea there were so many different types of carriers. She asked me questions about my likes & dislikes of my current carriers. She then used that information to provide me with additional carrier options. 

Since I live in Arizona, I was looking for a carrier that I could wear and not feel drenched after using it. She explained the different materials used in the carriers and made some recommendations based on my preferences. Not only did she make recommendations for carriers, she helped me understand how to use my current carriers in different ways. 

As an example, I was only familiar with how to front carry. Kit used carriers she owns, which were similar to mine, to show me methods on how to back carry. When I finished the consult with her, I immediately attempted a back carry with my 23 pound, 11 month old and was successful! 

Thank you Kit for providing me with the confidence to try new things with my current carriers and purchase a carrier that will work in the heat of Arizona with my large 11 month old baby!


When I was shopping for a new carrier, Kit recommended a Try Before You Buy program which was perfect for me and I wound up buying a DidyKlick. After getting somewhat comfortable with my new carrier, I scheduled a 15 minute fit check with Kit and she was so helpful. I felt confident in what I was doing and she helped me get a more supported back carry as well as walked me through some panel and waistband adjustments. I definitely recommend a fit check with any new carrier! It was super helpful. 


I scheduled a consultation with Kit to try out different carriers. It was extremely helpful to try a bunch out before buying additional carriers. It was absolutely worth it and saved me from possibly buying a carrier that didn’t work for me! I would fully recommend a consultation with Kit! 


Consultation was great! Kit is empathetic and understanding of one's situation. She is well versed and knowledgeable in baby wearing from her personal experiences to understanding of others as well. She is also a great listener and patient even when my toddler kept jumping in and out of our call. Kit is passionate and believes in baby wearing as a solution to help parents bond, connect and facilitate their day to day tasks. Lovely to have met her virtually!!!